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There are a large number of hotels in Thetford and the surrounding area that can be found on Trip Advisor or other review and booking sites. Anglia House Business Centre does not have relationships or agreements with any local hotels but as a service to our clients we have listed below a number of hotels that we have received positive reports of from people attending meetings and conferences at Anglia House Business Centre. 


Thomas Paine hotelThomas Paine hotel

The Thomas Paine Hotel, an independent hotel located in the centre of Thetford a short walk from Anglia House Business Centre.

The Premier Inn, Thetford is located on the outskirts of Thetford a few minutes’ drive from Anglia House Business Centre.

The Elvenden Inn is on the Elvenden Estate in the countryside about four and a half miles from Anglia House Business Centre

Sunset House  is a modern luxury guest house in East Harling a village a few miles from Thetford

Wereham House HotelWereham House Hotel

Wereham House Hotel is a small family run hotel in the Centre or Thetford a few minutes walk from Anglia House Business Centre